Dogslanding™ Calming Furniture Protector

$59.99 $120

Experience Ultimate Comfort & Anxiety Relief For Your Beloved Pet With Our Revolutionary Waterproof Calming Sofa Cover 

Introducing our Waterproof Calming Sofa Cover for pets, specially designed to alleviate anxiety in dogs. Tested and proven to create a comfortable, safe, and relaxed environment, this cover wraps around your dog for optimal soothing. Crafted from premium materials, it offers unrivaled comfort while your dog cuddles up beside you on the couch. The water-resistant liner ensures protection against dog hair, drool, stains, scratches, and odors. Versatile in its use, the Waterproof Calming Couch Cover can also be used in the car's back seat. It is machine washable, dryer safe, and water-resistant for your convenience.

Tired of your couch and carpets being destroyed by your furry friends?

A lack of comfortable space to rest can lead to stress and anxiety, causing your pet to exhibit destructive behaviour.

We have the solution: The Waterproof, Washable, & Non-slip Furniture Protector.

The Furniture Guard: Soft, Secure, and Furniture -saving Relaxation for your pet.

Our furniture protector and couch cover will protect your furniture while providing a cozy, relaxing space for your pet.

Made from soft, padded material, it improves their sleep and reduces stress. The raised armrests make your pet feel safe and secure, preventing them from scratching or damaging your furniture.

Benefits For Dogslanding™ Calming Furniture Protector:

✅ Furniture Protection: Liquid-proof, scratch-resistant, perfect for sofas and car seats

✅ Enhanced Comfort & Security: Soft material, protective armrests for relaxation

✅ Reduced Pet Hair: Keeps Hair Off Sofas, Beds, & Carpets

✅ Easy to Wash: Machine washable for your convenience

✅ Waterproof & Non-Toxic: Quality soft material that's safe for your pet

Aids In Reduces Dogs’ Stress & Anxiety 

Helps Your Dog Sleep Deeper & Longer

Protect Your Couch, furniture, bed, or car & Keeps It Clean

Not Worrying About Bacteria & Dirt on Your Couch

Our Adhesive Couch Protector stays in Place & Protects Your Dog from Slipping

Free Shipping Australia Wide

Money-Back Guarantee

The Best Blanket You Will Ever Buy:

Upgrade your pet's comfort and protect your furniture with our selection of Dog Bed Covers and Cat Bed Covers. No more worries about holes, scratches, or pet hair on your sofa/bed, thanks to our innovative Furniture Protector. The raised rim ensures optimal comfort by providing support for your pet's back, head, and neck. With our water-resistant liner, your couch is shielded from dog hair, drool, stains, scratches, and odors. Choose from four sizes - Small, Medium, Large, and Extra-Large - to accommodate larger dogs or multiple pets. Let your dog snuggle up beside you on the couch hassle-free!

Why Do You Need Dogslanding™ Calming Furniture Protector

Experience the ultimate solution for pet owners with our Waterproof Calming Couch Cover. Protect your furniture from dog drool, stains, and odors while providing a soothing and secure environment for your furry friend. Conveniently machine washable, this versatile cover ensures longevity for your furniture. Enhance comfort, preserve your couch, and alleviate pet anxiety in one simple product.

Protect furniture, soothe pets. Our Waterproof Calming Couch Cover shields against dog drool, stains, and odors. Create a secure, cozy space for your furry friend while preserving your furniture. Machine washable and versatile. Alleviate anxiety, extend couch life effortlessly.

Feel Safe with 14 Day money back Guarantee

Feel safe with a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee - We are Australia's leading goods store, if the product arrives damaged, broken or out of shape, feel free to contact us within 14 days of arrival and receive a FULL REFUND no questions asked!


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