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Say goodbye to vomiting! Say hello to feline feeding comfort!

While some poeple may accept their cat's vomiting as a natural behavior, it's important to explore options to improve their stomach issues. Here's a suggestion to make swallowing easier for your cats. Consider using an elevated pet bowl stand.

This specially designed stand raises the food and water bowls to a comfortable height for your cat, promoting better posture during mealtime. By reducing the strain on their neck and throat, an elevated bowl stand can help prevent indigestion, acid reflux, and vomiting. This simple adjustment can make a significant difference in your cat's overall digestion and well-being.

The Kitty Bowl Plus Orthopedic & Anti-Vomiting bowl improves digestion by elevating the food, reducing indigestion and vomiting. Its orthopedic design alleviates strain on the neck and joints, benefiting cats with arthritis. The bowl's raised edges promote slower eating, preventing gulping and subsequent vomiting. Its non-slip base ensures stability, and easy-to-clean materials maintain hygiene. Overall, it enhances cats' eating experience and digestive health.

 Benefits For The Kitty Bowl Plus Orthopedic & Anti-Vomiting:

Improved digestion.

Reduces indigestion and vomiting.

Alleviates strain on neck and joints.

Benefits cats with arthritis.

Encourages slower eating.

Prevents gulping and vomiting.

Provides stability with non-slip base.

Easy to clean for hygiene maintenance.

Enhances cats' eating experience.

Improves overall digestive health.

The Best Kitty & Doggy Bowl You Will Ever Buy!

The Kitty Bowl Plus Orthopedic & Anti-Vomiting bowl is an exceptional product that offers unmatched benefits for your feline companion. Its unique features, such as improved digestion, reduced indigestion and vomiting, and alleviation of strain on the neck and joints, make it stand out from ordinary bowls. Additionally, this bowl prevents your cat from kicking it around and creating a mess with their food. Moreover, it helps keep their water bowl clean, ensuring optimal hygiene. Upgrade your cat's mealtime experience with this remarkable bowl.

Why Do You Need The Kitty Bowl Plus Orthopedic & Anti-Vomiting!

Improved digestion: The Kitty Bowl Plus Orthopedic & Anti-Vomiting bowl is designed to promote better digestion in cats. Its elevated design and orthopedic features reduce the risk of indigestion and vomiting, ensuring a more comfortable eating experience for your cat.

Prevents mess and maintains hygiene: Unlike traditional bowls, this product prevents your cat from kicking it around and spilling food. This helps maintain cleanliness in your cat's feeding area. Additionally, it helps keep the water bowl clean, ensuring optimal hygiene for your cat's overall health and well-being.


BPA Toxic-Free Plastic.


Double: 26.5 x 13 x 8 cm

Single: 13 x 13 x 8 cm

Holds 150 grams of cat food or 350 ml of water


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